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So what's counselling about?
If you are thinking about counselling, it's likely that something in your life is causing you concern. Often, we think that if we just battle on, things will turn out ok. But if we are fighting the wrong battles, its unlikely they will. Whether it's relationships or work, or just trying to find out why we feel like we do, we are increasingly wary of sharing our inner fears and feelings with those around us, and we're more likely to struggle on silently with our 'millstones' than ever consider talking about them.

Sometimes we need to take time to explore what is going on, and why it causes the feelings it does.

Counselling in a safe, respectful, and confidential environment provides that moment, your time and space, to look at what's happening, and how it makes you feel. It’s about trust, and a willingness to take small steps that can lead to larger, more confident ones.

What problems can counselling help?
As human beings, we are social creatures. We strive to have relationships, to have esteem, be successful in work, to look back over a life of worth. But for some, those things don't turn out as we wish. We put on a brave face to hide our disappointment, we launch into new challenges to hide the failings of previous ones, we may become angry with others to deflect how we feel inside.

These feelings may surface with difficulties such as:

  • The stresses of life and work
  • The confusion, frustration, and loss, in relationships
  • The debilitation of panic attacks and anxiety
  • The loss and change in bereavement and redundancy
  • The physical, mental, and emotional pain in domestic and other abuse
  • The isolation of trauma
  • the loneliness and perceived failure in depression and post natal depression
  • The distress and despair of addiction.

    What benefits can be expected?
    Counselling is about exploration of thoughts and feelings, and it can bring about better understanding of who you are, what's going on for you, and maybe how you came to be that way. Sometimes, just talking, putting thoughts into words, can change how we see things. In understanding the interactions in life or relationships, you become able to change them or deal with them better, be less anxious, or more accepting of yourself.

    Please check out my other pages for further thoughts on some of the issues that are explored in counselling and how we might work together.

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