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Integrative Counselling and Supervision, and Marriage, Couples, and Relationship Counselling.

in Bexley, Bromley, Dartford, Bexleyheath, Belvedere, Erith, Sidcup, Welling, and Kent.

Care, Respect, Trust, Aspire

I am an experienced accredited counsellor, blending different models of practice to develop a warm working relationship, either face to face or through online counselling. I work with individuals and couples from Bexley, Bromley, Dartford, Bexleyheath, Belvedere, Sidcup, Eltham, Erith, Welling and Kent, as well as online clients across the UK, with issues such as;

alcohol, drugs, and other addictions,
couple, marriage, and other relationship issues,,
redundancy, loss, and other life changing circumstances,
terminal illness and bereavement,
depression, loneliness, post-natal depression, loss of confidence,
anxiety and panic,
trauma and abuse, physical and sexual,

I also offer online and telephone counselling where distance or other circumstances are an issue.

So what happens in counselling?

Counselling is about exploring your experiences, thoughts and feelings to help bring about a better understanding of yourself. It’s about exploring things from your perspective, what's going on, how you came to be that way, and how things could be different. Sometimes, just talking, putting thoughts and feelings into words, can change how we see things. In understanding the interactions in life or relationships, you can begin to see them differently, change them or deal with them better.

With couples, marriage, or relationship issues, it’s about each trying to understand the other, what you are each experiencing, what each of you want from the relationship and what may be missing. Relationships can be strained by work, kids, family and financial pressures that you have lost sight of the things that attracted you in the early days. What you each need to do to re-enforce and improve the connections to invigorate and re-vitalise your relationship.

Those four words at the top of the page, two for me and two for you, are the building blocks in our work. Care and respect is what I promise you, in all our work. All you have to do is trust and aspire to be different.

It can be quite daunting finding the right person to talk with, to share your thoughts and deep feelings? But have confidence, there is only my respect for what you are trying to achieve.


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My counselling practice

As an integrative counsellor I use different models of counselling in our work. Our sessions would include aspects of psychodynamic, cognitive, experiential, humanistic and cbt models of therapy to explore how the past affects the present, relationships, our thought processes, and how we see things and interpret them. Some clients explore dreams or nightmares, while couples explore the niggles that escalate and devastate their relationships. I work with your words, the tones in your voice, the pictures your words paint for me, and the times you are hard on yourself.

In working with individuals and couples, I deal with many of the problems that trouble us in life; bereavement, loss and change, difficulties in marriage, couple or other relationships, stress and anxiety in life and work, domestic abuse, drug or alcohol misuse or other addictions.

In working with alcohol, drug or other addictions, we look at the effect the addiction is having on your life and relationships. We also explore what may have happened in your life that started or accelerated their use. We look at what they might have initially compensated for, but has slowly lead to more severe problems. It's about understanding the underlining issues, and hopefully working to reduce or minimise their effects.

With stress, depression and abuse, we also explore the isolation and shame that can exist with these issues. We know how we should be, but why can’t we change, get over it, and make the changes work?

In working with the emotions of anxiety and panic, we explore the powerlessness that often exists within these feelings. We put in place steps and processes to develop awareness during periods of anxiety and panic that bring a greater logical control of these feelings.

Working with bereavement and other loss, we explore the feelings, difficulties and other things we did not expect to feel. The importance of a loved one, or a career we were proud of. Of something we had that's no longer there.

As a couples or marriage counsellor, it's about working with two people and often two differing viewpoints, understanding perhaps how the dreams and expectations of the early years have been buried under disappointments, blame, and rows. 'We still love each other, but don't like each other' is a familiar starting point with couples.

A proportion of couples work does fail, usually because positions have reached breaking point and the conflict, pain, and weariness leaves no room for compromise and respect to bring about change. But many couples do work hard to turn things around to rediscover what they like in each other. It takes compromise, respect, and patience to bring about sustainable change and real improvement.

Supervision of Practice

I also offer integrative supervision to counsellors and students, as well as those practicing in other caring professions. Sessions can be flexible to fit around professional or other requirements. Please check out my supervision page or contact me if you would like any further details.

Online and Telephone Counselling

I also offer online and telephone counselling in the UK and beyond where appropriate. Counselling online replicates many facets of being together in the room, but with some subtle differences. Working online allows people with work or lifestyle pressures to maintain our working relationship, continuity and support. As in face to face counselling, online and phone sessions take place in an equally confidential and respectful setting.

I am committed to providing a safe, respectful, and confidential service where you set the pace. We look at the issues you bring and talk about the thoughts and feelings they bring out.



Location and fees

My counselling practice is in Bexley Village just up from the station. I’m at 4c Bexley High Street, Bexley, DA5 1AD, on the corner of Salisbury Road by Village Estates (click for map and street view). The entrance to 4c Bexley High Street is the green door around the corner from Village Estates, technically in Salisbury Road opposite Ferrari’s Restaurant. Free on-street parking is available locally.

It is within easy reach of Bromley, Dartford, Sidcup, Erith, Welling and Eltham, in fact anywhere in South East London and North West Kent served by the A2 and A20. Home appointments are available, in appropriate circumstances, and subject to distance. You can email me at, or phone/text on 07925 371012.

I see clients Monday to Wednesday, daytime and evenings. Sessions are by appointment; they last 50 minutes and are £60 for individuals, £80 for couples. Payment is by cash or transfer at each appointment. Supervision sessions are £45 per hour or £65 for 90 minutes. Counselling or supervision for trainees is £45 for day time sessions.

Blog Update

Becoming Adult

An important part of our development into adulthood is how the relationship between parent and child develops into an adult to adult one. As children we need parents to provide care, security, safety for us to develop in a safe, social environment. But as we move into adulthood and provide many of these things for ourselves, we can become stuck in a relationship where parents are still parenting, or 'children' have not yet developed a real connected independence.

We need parents for support and advice as we move into adulthood and relationships, but we no longer need parenting, so the development of an adult to adult relationship is necessary for healthy development. We are still connected as mothers and fathers to sons and daughters, but the connections are looser to allow growth, develop and experience relationships, and be there when relationships or ventures fail.

Many successfully make the transition to have close but separate relationships, but some have difficulty in making the transition, unable to break free of family rules, positions or expectations, to be able to make their own choices and gain an independence in life. This is another deep, complex issue in working with clients that is bigger than these few paragraphs.


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